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Welcome to my home of wood-fired pizzas. There is something rustic and warm about a wood fired pizza. I love how hand-made they look. You can see the love put into each and every one. We ferment our dough for 48 hours before firing it in the woodfired ovens, so it gives you this big kick of flavour. I absolutely love it, and so will you. Try one of my Margherita pizzas or a spicy Diavola.

Something that is super important to me when it comes to our pizza is selecting the right flour. Giulio and I have worked closely with our friends Simon and Sandy Doolin from North Star NSW to create the perfect flour blend for Italian Street Kitchen Australia wide.

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Diavola Pizza

My Diavola pizza is a flavour sensation. From a tomato base, I add salami and spicy pork Nduja. I top with a healthy serving of fior di latte cheese, Pioppini mushrooms and fresh basil. A rich flavour with a spicy tingle that lasts on the tongue.

Margherita Pizza

This is a traditional favourite of mine. I love that I can make a pizza for my vegetarian friends as well. Buffalo Mozzarella and parmesan cheese complement each other perfectly. Toss in some basil on a tomato base, and you have a smooth, creamy pizza that is a classic.. If you want my recipe, click through and read on for more.

Prosciutto Pizza

Prosciutto melts in your mouth and is just so delicate and delicious. I love it on pizza as it doesn’t overpower the flavour of the cheeses and the light pizza dough base. I’m happily sharing my pizza recipes with you because I want you to enjoy real Italian food in your own home like I do in mine.

Isabella's Favourite Pizza

I journey the world searching for amazing recipes and food ideas to bring to you. These gourmet pizzas are some of my favourites.

Italian Pizza Guides & Blogs

If you love the pizza I love to make and serve in my Italian Street Kitchen, then you’ll love these blogs and guides I’ve created. You can discover more about me, about my love of Italian food, and more about the pizzas I create. Plus, you can learn to make them yourself at home.

Gamberi Prawn Pizza in pieces

10 most popular Italian pizzas

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Learn about Isabella

There’s no doubt that Italian culture and food runs in my blood! My family’s roots in Rome go back generations, and I’ve grown up in the restaurant business. From a young age, I found myself immersed in the dining room, watching my parents work their magic in the kitchen.

These days, people still crave amazing Italian food as much as they always have, but they seek a more relaxed atmosphere than the traditional restaurants of my childhood. When I turned 30, I felt a calling to bridge this gap, and Italian Street Kitchen, in its current form, was born. My vision was to create a space that perfectly combines tradition with contemporary dining. 

Curious to learn more about my journey and Italian Street Kitchen? Click the link and explore our story further.

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