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Let’s raise a glass to the world of Italian cocktails, liquors and drinks at Italian Street Kitchen. From classics to creative concoctions, I’m excited to share my authentic cocktail ideas, recipes, and guides with you. Discover the art of crafting Italian drinks and explore a sip of Italy right here.

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Grapefruit Gin Fizz

A grapefruit gin fizz cocktail is a refreshing drink crafted with the zesty essence of grapefruit, intertwined with the botanical notes of gin and the effervescence of soda. Sip on this delightful concoction and feel invigorated by its citrusy tang.

Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello Spritz is a vibrant, effervescent cocktail bursting with zesty flavours. Crafted with the tangy essence of Limoncello, this Italian-inspired concoction marries the citrus punch of lemon liqueur with the sparkling fizz of prosecco.

Citrus Burst Cocktail

Indulge in the zesty delight of my citrus burst cocktail, a refreshing blend that invigorates the senses with vibrant citrus flavours. This concoction captures the essence of summer, offering a tantalising combination of tangy citrus fruits and crisp spirits.

Isabella's Favourite Italian Cocktails

Explore the list of my other favourite cocktails at Italian Street Kitchen. Join me in savouring these delectable concoctions, each a reflection of Italy’s lively culture and flavours. Cheers!

Isabella's Favourite Non-alcoholic Italian Drinks

Indulge in my favourite non-alcoholic Italian drinks and mocktails. These handpicked creations, designed to capture the spirit of Italy without the spirits, offer a delightful twist on traditional beverages. It’s safe to say this list is a journey of delicious discoveries for everyone to enjoy.

Naked Negroni

Naked Negroni

Amalfi Spritz

Amalfi Spritz

For the Love of Lychee

For the love of lychee

Apple amaretti

Apple Amaretti Spritz

Italian Cocktail Guides & Blogs

Check out our Italian cocktail guides and blogs, your number one source for all things mixology. Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or an aspiring cocktail enthusiast, there is something for everyone in our collection of resources. Delve into tips, techniques, and a treasure trove of knowledge from the world of Italian liquor and cocktail craftsmanship.

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