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Looking for the very best Italian Restaurant Australia? At Italian Street Kitchen, we pride ourselves on making the most authentic Italian food, using only the finest ingredients.
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Our Locations

With seven beautiful locations throughout the country, you can find us at Sydney, Bella Vista, Neutral Bay, Penrith (and now in Parramatta), Newstead, West End and Perth, for the ultimate Italian dining experience.

An Italian menu grounded in quality.

At Italian Street Kitchen, our passion for exceptional Italian food begins in the heart of Roma, Napoli, Sicilia, Venezia and regional Italy. We work with providores around the country (and the globe) to source premium stone-ground flour, tomatoes, cheeses and other essential ingredients.

For us, the best Italian food combines new culinary techniques with authentic recipes passed down through the generations. That’s why our Italian restaurants in Sydney & Brisbane menus designed to showcase the best of classic dishes as well as modern favourites with an Italian twist.

From wood-fired Italian style pizza to fresh house-made pasta, Fiorentina steak, antipasti and small plates, each and every dish is lovingly prepared just like nonna would.

So come in and see us at Italian Street Kitchen!

Italy is a food lover's paradise, so I bring Italy to your neighbourhood with your dishes and cocktails.
Buon appetito! 
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Cheers to the Negroni! 😄 Explore our range of handcrafted cocktails that will tickle your taste buds at your local ISK.

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Join us to catch up with friends as you indulge in Italian pizza and pasta! Delizioso 🥰 Book your table via our link in the bio!

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If it looks this good, imagine how it tastes. 🤤
Tag the person you want to come with for some authentic Italian pasta! 🥰

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Travelling around Genoa is like a burst of inspiration that screams "la dolce vita" and connects me to my roots. I can't wait to bring all those good vibes and experiences into ISK! 
Stay tuned for updates 😉
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