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At Italian Street Kitchen, we’re all about homemade pasta. So, I’ve gathered a treasure trove of authentic pasta ideas, recipes, and guides for you to explore. Let’s dive into the world of fresh pasta, where the possibilities are as endless as my love for Italian cuisine.

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Crab Ravioli Pasta

Savour my exquisite crab ravioli, filled with crab and mascarpone, bathed in a luscious lobster stock sauce. It’s complemented by cherry tomatoes, basil, and gremolata for a burst of flavour. This fresh pasta recipe is a delightful blend of the sea and the garden. Keep reading to discover the full recipe.

Rigatoni Bolognese

My rigatoni bolognese is a comforting classic! Slow-cooked beef Bolognese, topped with parmesan and pangrattato, offers a taste of Italy’s hearty flavours. This easy homemade pasta recipe is simply a must-try. Click to uncover the delicious details of this timeless dish.

Pumpkin & Ricotta Rotolini

Indulge in my pumpkin and ricotta Rotolini—a delightful twist on a classic. Homemade pasta sheets embrace a blend of butternut pumpkin and ricotta, crowned with amaretti biscuit, burnt butter, sage, and parmigiano-reggiano cheese. Keep reading to discover the magic of this homemade pasta recipe.

Pasta Made in House...

Translating to ‘made in house’, Fatto in Casa is the celebration of making fresh pasta in house every single day; something I’m very proud of at Italian Street Kitchen.

Chef Giulio and I work through the early hours of the mornings to produce the extensive range of delicious fresh pastas that you can find in the Fatto in Casa section of our A la Carte menu.

The creation of each one has been inspired by my belief that the best Italian cooking utilises traditional recipes that are enriched with modern culinary techniques.

The Best Pasta Requires Authentic Ingredients

Some cooking concepts are very simple but still absolutely critical to making amazing food; to create dishes that are of the highest quality, you need to use the very finest produce.

That’s why I’ve scoured Roma, Napoli, Sicilia, Venezia, and regional Italy, as well as all over Australia and across the globe to source ingredients that are unsurpassed in quality.

This includes the premium ‘00’ flour for our pasta from North Star, NSW. With the finest flour being used for pasta that is made fresh in house every day, you can experience Italian food the way it’s truly meant to be.

Isabella's Favourite Pasta

Get ready to embark on an adventure through Italy with my favourite pasta recipes. These authentic pasta ideas bring the heart and soul of Italian cuisine to your table. From the classics to the hidden gems, discover how to make fresh pasta and indulge in the rich tapestry of flavours from various regions.

Italian Pasta Guides & Blogs

Check out Italian Street Kitchen’s Italian pasta guides and blogs, your go-to source for all things pasta. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your journey into making fresh pasta, this collection of resources has you covered. Explore tips, tricks, and tantalising tales from the world of Italian pasta.

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Curious to know more about my passion for authentic Italian pasta? Click to discover my story and learn all about my family’s traditions, my inspiration, and my vision for Italian Street Kitchen.

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