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Prawn and Nduja Pizza Tips & Tricks

What is Prawn and Nduja Pizza?

Prawn and nduja pizza, sometimes also known as prawn and chorizo pizza, is a tantalising combination of succulent prawns, spicy pork nduja (a type of sausage), and char-grilled zucchini atop a tomato base. This flavourful pizza offers a perfect balance of heat and freshness, making it a delightful choice for pizza lovers seeking a unique taste experience. Join me in savouring this mouthwatering dish, along with all the other pizzas at Italian Street Kitchen.

Prawn and Nduja Pizza Ingredients

Enjoy Italian Street Kitchen’s prawn and nduja pizza with these key ingredients:

  • Tomato base
  • Fior di latte cheese
  • Prawns
  • Spicy pork nduja
  • Char-grilled zucchini
  • Mint

Isabella’s Prawn and Nduja Pizza Tips & Tricks

Enhance your prawn pizza experience with my expert tips:

  1. Balance the flavours: Adjust the amount of spicy nduja to suit your taste preference.
  2. Boost freshness: Sprinkle fresh mint leaves just before serving for a burst of aroma.
  3. Experiment with toppings: Try adding roasted garlic or caramelised onions for extra depth of flavour.
  4. Perfect the crust: For a crispy base, preheat your pizza stone or baking tray before baking.

Authentic Prawn and Nduja Pizza with Italian Street Kitchen

Discover the irresistible flavours of prawn and nduja pizza at Italian Street Kitchen. After perfecting this recipe for prawn pizza at home, savour the authentic taste amongst the cosy ambience of our restaurant.

Treat yourself to a memorable dining experience filled with Italian flair.

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