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Discover the Ultimate Woodfired Pizza Menu with Italian Street Kitchen

Savour the essence of Italy with each bite at Italian Street Kitchen’s pizza restaurant. Our menu is a celebration of authentic flavours and quality ingredients, ensuring every pizza delivers a taste of Italy right to your table. Keep reading to discover our full selection of pizza, from comforting classics to gourmet creations.

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Don’t miss out on the ultimate feast at our Italian pizza restaurant!  With delectable toppings and an inviting ambience, our restaurant promises a memorable night out. Book now to ensure you don’t miss your slice of the action!

Limited-Time Pizza Promotions

Discover our latest limited-time promotions for pizza, offering tantalising deals and delicious options for every palate.

How our Woodfired Pizza is Made! Authentic and Tasty

Experience the essence of Italian culinary tradition at our woodfired pizza restaurant, where dough fermentation for 48 hours and our signature flour blend ensure an explosion of flavour. Learn more about the secrets behind our pizza in Isabella’s Pantry.

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Discover the closest Italian Street Kitchen location to you among our restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. Whether you’re craving authentic Italian cuisine or seeking the perfect spot for a date night or family gathering, our diverse locations cater to your needs.

The Perfect Italian Wine to Accompany Your Pizza

At Italian Street Kitchen, we understand the importance of pairing your pizza with the perfect drink. That’s why we offer a selection of Italian wines and cocktails, including classics like Negroni and Aperol Spritz, curated to complement the flavours of our pizzas.

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