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At Italian Street Kitchen, we pay homage to the recipes of mothers, grandmothers and the generations still to come. Recipes that have trickled down through the generations and onto the streets of Roma, Venezia, Bologna, Palermo, Napoli and Milano.


On the streets of Italy, eating is a vibrant and transient affair. Throughout the day and into the evening, locals filter in and out of bustling street stalls and shop fronts to exchange conversation, fill up on delicious food and wine, and choose their favourite local produce to take home for the family meal.

Italian Street Kitchen embodies the Italian way of eating and sharing. A place to talk, catch up, and celebrate. We’re a market stall on a grand scale: a place to gather with family and friends over simple Italian dishes that burst with flavour. A place to stop in for fresh ingredients or a takeaway pizza on the way home.

Inside, we look and feel like an artisan Italian kitchen. We are inspired by the romance and theatre of food being cooked and prepared, so you can see the dough being rolled, hear the crackle of the wood fired oven, and smell the aroma of freshly made pizza, tomato, and garden herbs.

At Italian Street Kitchen, there is warmth and vibrancy in the air, a wonderful glow that comes with experiencing real Italian food.

ISK pizza