My Crispy Panzerotto Mortadella & Percorino

My Crispy Panzerotto


The panzerotto is a staple street food in Puglia in Southern Italy. Although it is often compared to the traditional calzone, the panzerotto is truly unique. A panzerotto is made from salted fried pizza dough, typically filled with melted mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato sauce and your pick of toppings, making it a versatile thing to eat.

If you’ve ever tasted one, you understand why they’ve become so popular around the world.

But if you haven’t, envision this…

You are standing in a busy street in Puglia, bustling with food vendors. You are given a panzerotto – a classic Italian street food that originated in the 18th century, with families in Southern Italy passing down this recipe from one generation to the next, adding their unique interpretation to it. 

Now, imagine biting into a piping hot, crispy, belly-shaped pizza dough filled with authentic Italian ingredients.

You can stop imagining now, because…

I, Isabella, have created my own modern twist for you to devour at Italian Street Kitchen, for just $15. 


My version of panzerotto consists of fried pizza dough that pockets melting Pecorino cheese from Sardinia, buffalo mozzarella and mortadella from Emilia, a town near Bologna, Northern Italy. I’ve carefully selected the ingredients to create sensations of warm steam coming from the inside of the panzerotto and on your face, combined with the crunch of crispy fried dough, to create a symphony for your tastebuds. 

My translation of the authentic panzerotto emulsifies the past and present times. 

I remember one of my ‘momenti piu felici’ (happiest moments) was discovering the panzerotto during my travels. It was love at first bite. I knew from that moment that one day I would introduce the panzerotto to my guests, with my own unique touch.

The word panzerotto comes from the Italian word for stomach, ‘pancia’, which reflects the shape of the panzerotto, that’s filled with ingredients, like we fill our bellies with flavoursome food.

For an authentic taste of Apulian street food that breaks the mould, visit Italian Street Kitchen toMangia la cosa!” (eat the thing!). 


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