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Anchovies Tips and Tricks

What are Anchovies?

Anchovies, a staple in Italian cuisine, are small, saltwater fish known for their intense umami- like taste. These little fish pack a punch in dishes like pasta puttanesca and caesar salad, adding depth and complexity to the flavour profile. Whether it’s the delicate taste of white anchovies or the robust flavour of dried anchovies, there’s a variety to suit every palate. Join me in exploring the versatility of anchovies and other Italian ingredients at Italian Street Kitchen.

How are Anchovies Sourced

Anchovies are typically harvested using small fishing boats equipped with nets or purse seines. These nets are cast into the water, and the anchovies are caught in large quantities. Once caught, they are immediately sorted, processed, and packed in salt to preserve their freshness and flavour. 

This traditional method ensures the highest quality anchovies for culinary use.

Isabella’s Anchovies Tips & Tricks

Mastering the art of cooking with anchovies requires finesse; here are my tips for anchovy excellence:

  1. Use anchovies sparingly to ensure that they enhance dishes without being overpowering.
  2. Mash anchovies into a paste to distribute their flavour evenly throughout the dish.
  3. Pair anchovies with acidic ingredients like lemon or tomatoes to balance their saltiness.
  4. Experiment with anchovy fillets in pasta sauces, dressings, or as a topping on pizza for a burst of flavour.

Authentic Anchovies with Italian Street Kitchen

Experience the authentic taste of anchovies at Italian Street Kitchen. After experimenting with anchovy recipes in your own kitchen, join us at our restaurant, where you can savour this beloved ingredient in our signature dishes. Let the bold, briny taste of anchovies transport you to the streets of Italy with every bite.

Isabella’s Other Favourite Italian Ingredients

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