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Ricotta Cannoli Tips and Tricks

What is Ricotta Cannoli?

Ricotta cannoli, a beloved Italian dessert, features crispy pastry tubes filled with sweet ricotta cheese. These delightful treats are often garnished with pistachios for a touch of crunch and flavour. Join me in savouring this timeless treat at Italian Street Kitchen alongside other Italian desserts.

Ricotta Cannoli Ingredients

Our delicious ricotta cannoli recipe requires only a few simple ingredients:

  • Crispy pastry tubes/cannoli shells
  • Sweet ricotta
  • Pistachios

Isabella’s Ricotta Cannoli Tips & Tricks

Here are my top tips for perfecting homemade ricotta cannoli:

  1. Ensure the cannoli shells are crispy and golden by frying them at the right temperature.
  2. Sweeten the ricotta to your taste preference, balancing sweetness with the creamy richness of the cheese.
  3. Garnish the cannoli with finely chopped pistachios for added texture and flavour.
  4. Serve the cannoli immediately after filling to maintain their crispness.

Authentic Ricotta Cannoli with Italian Street Kitchen

Delight in the authentic flavours of cannoli with ricotta filling at Italian Street Kitchen. After mastering the art of making these delectable desserts at home, treat yourself to our expertly crafted cannoli in our warm and inviting restaurant.

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