West end Opening Celebrazione


Get out your napkins and tuck yourself in because Italian Street Kitchen is finally opening in West End! 

To celebrate, we are launching an Opening weekend on the 8/9th of September.

This is a very warm invitation to you and your loved ones to get amongst our exquisite Italian culture. 

Italian Street Kitchen is known for its traditional Italian street food with a modern twist. It’s the sort of food that can take you from a daytime affair with family into a social gathering at night with friends sipping on classic Italian cocktails and wine. Picture this ; Nonnas delightful home cooking served to you in the beautiful and scenic West End.

Our opening weekend is set to bring entertainment to the whole family.

With live music, games and giveaways, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Live music 

Nothing screams Italy more than live music and food. That’s why we’ve made sure that we have a variety of awesome entertainers, including Brisbane’s local talent Tayla Mae, to help bring Italy to you! 

Oh, and don’t be shy to get up and have a boogie either! 

Aperitivo hour

Italian Street Kitchen would like to introduce our new campaign, the art of the pre-dinner drink, Aperitivo Hour available weekdays from 5-7pm!

Aperitivo is the Italian word for a light meal that people enjoy with a light drink, typically being an Aperol Spritz or a cocktail. During Aperitivo Hour guests will enjoy discounted drinks ($6 drinks, $10 cocktails), antipasti plates from $5 and a complimentary bowl of olives per table for everyone that dines during the hours of 5-7pm on weekdays. But, we’ve made an exception for our opening and extended Aperitivo hour across the opening!

An aperitivo is just as much about the food and drinks as it is about socializing and we promise to bring it ALL to the table !

Prizes and giveaways 

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but just a heads up there are lots of prizes and giveaways to be won during our opening weekend and, we’ll just be getting started!

We have a “Dine to Win” giveaway running for the first 3 months of opening, with airpods, free pizzas for a year, vespas and many more things to be won when you dine at Italian Street Kitchen West End!

Facepaint and games

Like we said, this is an event for the whole family! Facepainting and Giant games were a great success at our last opening which is why we’re bringing only the best entertainment back to you. 

Whether Mum and Dad need some alone time or the whole family is in for a bit of competition, we know you’ll have a blast.

The opening of Italian Street Kitchen in West End is an event that not only celebrates the restaurant, and our love for beautiful food but also offers a variety of entertainment and activities for all ages. If you’re looking for something new to do in Brisbane with your family or friends then look no further than our opening weekend on the 8th and 9th of September, and who knows maybe you’ll pick us as your new favourite local restaurant!

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